chiime (chiime) wrote in egl,

Travelling to USA (2 questions)

Hello! In less than a month, I'll be flying to the US, for 20 days, and I'm planning to wear Lolita most, if not every, day while I'm there. I'm from Peru, so it's going to be a ~15 hour flight (Well, 6 hours + 5 hours of waiting + 2 hours to final destination, there are no direct flights to WC XD). Anyways, I'm going to take my Montreal RHS, but they're going to go in the suitcase. I'm curious to know how you guys travel your RHS, since they are quite new, and I'm afraid they could be damaged during the flight. I'd pack them the exact way they came from Ling Lam, but I seriously can't remember how x_X

Aand.. Second not-so-important question. I've been lurking the comm for a while, trying to see if there are any Loliable finds in the most common US stores. I'm really looking to expanding my wardrove, even if it's just by commons (not precisely jewellry, I've seen a lot of posts about that lately!) or something. So, I'd really appreciate if you have any recommendations about this, especially with things that have just came out, since I won't be there until mid-July. I just want to know which stores I should definately check ;3

I've looked at the Memories for the first question, but I really haven't found a thing.

Thanks <3
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