Meow Tan (meow_tan) wrote in egl,
Meow Tan

My Idols

Besides the obvious Maki and Asuka, here are my style idols!

The cutest decololi ever! Her jewelry is near-professional. From her clothes to her jewelry, she pays attention to detail. Her outfits are like a candy store. She inspired me to become decololi. :D

One of the sweetest lolitas I know. She puts up with so much unessascary drama /CGL/ tries to sling her way, but she doesn't let it get to her! I admire her for her bravery, and backbone and ability to not care what other people think.

Mio Babylove
Probobly the best Decora girl I've ever seen, and nows shes getting into lolita and its just as perfect as her deocra outfits! She is like a pastel candyland princess, but is also interested in more mature, toned down looks too. Shes another decololi I greatly admire. She's so cute!

My Local Lolita Community
How much you guys have supported me, and not pushed me aside or ostricized me for my age or style. You guys have brought me out of my shell, and truly helped me develop my lolita style. You guys are the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for.

My Friends
They've never mocked me for my style, or made fun of me or anything! :D I've even gotten some of them interested in lolita too! Thank you guys!

Marie Antoinette
Was she an incompetent ruler? Kinda sorta. But damnit, she was dressed well. And I relate to her life to our online lolita community, with the drama and such. I plan on doing and outfit inspired by her one day.

So. The day I saw you in concert in third grade was the day the old me died, and the gay man inside me was born.
I hope to be half as fabulous as you, Cher.

And lastly..

My Boyfriend/Husband/Love of my life <3
Never, in a million years, did I expect to get a boyfriend at this age, with the way I dress. Most guys think its a "Halloween Costume" and don't take a second look. But you. Not only did you absolutely love the way I dressed, but you were completely comfortable with me wearing it around you and your family. And not only that, but you are happy to dress up with me! I couldn't ask for anyone better.

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