Rayenae (rayenae) wrote in egl,

Parasols: does color matter?

I live in southern Arizona where it gets tremendously hot in the summer and am considering purchasing a parasol to help shade me when I go out. But I'm wondering if the color of the parasol would have any effect on it's... well, effectiveness.  Would a darker parasol shade better? Or would it just attract and radiate more heat?  I think I would prefer a white one over black, but I'm worried the shade won't be as good?

Thank you.

Thank you everyone for responding. So what I think I'm getting from this is that black is marginally better than white, but really it's the material that matters most. I'd love to spend the money to invest in something really good, but I don't really have the money to do so. I guess I'll get something cheaper for now like from bodyline or amazon, and then save up to invest in something better for the future.
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