Kyat (etched) wrote in egl,

Awesome Alice Stuff

So I know a lot of lolitas like alice in wonderland (i know a lot of you dont~) but i wanted to share some really just cool Alice related things...

Alice Cutlery

These are just awesome. I'm personally not a huge fan of Alice myself, but I'm so tempted to get these because the concept is so awesome.

Look at that fork queen. Werk it gurl.

Alice Mirror

I'm a sucker for die-cut mirrors. This one is perfect for alice fans.

Cheshire Cat Mug

The cat disappears with hot/cold liquid inside. Too cool.

Alice Trinket Necklace

I love forever21. jewelry is cheap and lasts for a good long time. Comes in gold too!

Soo yeah. Just wanted to share some cute finds. (Especially that cutlery...)

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