exiledcrown (exiledcrown) wrote in egl,

my very own stock picture request

Okay, so, for my Typography class we have to make an alphabet out of non-letters, so I decided to do lolita clothes/accessories, and I ended up doing only BtSSB stuff.  Now I've got something passable for every letter except N.  (I'm not too happy with Y either, some old purse with a bunny on it but it doesn't work very well.)
In any case, do you have a stock picture of any of Baby or AatP's OTK socks or tights that are folded in a Z- or N-like fashion?  I could only find one working photo of such on the Wayback Machine, and I used it for Z. (If you just _happen_ to have something you think is perfect for the letter Y as well, please throw that my way too!)

Thanks so much!  I can post the finished product later, it's due in a little over a week... >_<
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