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Some random Tokyo snaps

Just came back from a short trip to Tokyo over the weekend and thought I'll share some of the loli-related (and some not so loli-related) photos I took =)

It was the beginning of the summer sale season so some of the brands already had sale items up. Angelic Pretty also had lucky packs for sale on the weekend I was there so I got one for fun since I never bought a LP before!

Whenever I sneak some photos at OIOI, I always expect somebody to jump out and tell me, "sumimasen! no photos! no photos!". Hence slightly guilty disposition = shaky fingers = blurry pics ^^;;

Meta window display

Angelic Pretty

Kera Angel


Victorian Maiden dress on the left and Juliette et Justine ensemble on the right

Atelier Boz collaborations with the manga/anime, Kuroshitsuji

Closet Child Harajuku

Not loli but it's Liz Lisa's shopfront in Harajuku~ I really like the Liz Lisa shopgirls, they're always so chirpy and nice! Even if they're paid to be cheery and happy, they fake it really well, lol.

Undies on sale

Random Swimmer luggages~

I like these boots at a Laforet display:

Someone's very good idea to close the streets of Shinjuku on a Sunday. I wouldn't want to be squashed on the sidewalks with these sheer volume of shoppers!

And it's summertime, therefore, yukatas out in full force

And if anyone is interested, the contents of my AP lucky pack ^^

Plus the rest of my loli haul~
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