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Sorry to the people who are sick of seeing theme posts! Hang tight, the month is over in a week or so~! xD

Music is my life. So to liven things up a bit, most of my idols are going to be the more lolita musical inspiration with a link to their music too.
So maybe you'll be introduced to a musician you will like too! ♥

My non musicy idols first...

★ Chiaki Kuriyama ★

She has a beautiful smile, amazing fashion sense and upbeat personality and is an awesome actor. And she can totally rock the bangs look ♥ Most people will know her from Kill Bill 1 as Gogo Yubari.

★ Miwako Sakurada ★

I don't really watch anime anymore, but Paradise Kiss was a very good one. I have always thought of Miwako as the perfect sweet lolita. She isn't a stereotype and is a very quirky and upbeat character. She reminds me it's okay to be lolita, but also to be sexy and feminine too.

★ Sae ★

Sorry I couldn't resist her XD...! Sae is so cute and knows how to have fun. I think she lives my lolita dream, but she also pulls off other styles very well too, and she makes them still look unique and cute. I really admire her sense of fashion ♥

Okay! Onto the musicians now...

★ Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine) ★

She has a beautiful and powerful voice. Not really that underground any more since everyone's heard her song 'You've Got The Love' now...but her sense of style and creativity I think is still a worthy mention. Sorry for the tacky lyric video...all her official music videos have ads in the beginning ;__;\

★ Naoki (Pudding Alamode) ★

With her devious looks and cute hi-pitched voice, she is an inspiration of the more gothic styles to me, while still looking very cute and sexy at the same time. Miyan is the other band member, together they make a very unique sound and adorable aesthetic. Miyan has a very cute sleeve of cat tattoos up her arm, and Naoki has a bat on her chest. They haven't made much music and most of their stuff seem to be lives, but this is an awesome song by them for the Dangerous Nude label fashion show.

★ Exo-Chika (Aural Vampire) ★

Lately Aural Vampire is becoming quite popular ♥ I adore Exo-Chika's style and her beautiful long hair. She dresses very elegantly and creates amazing music with Raveman (the other mysterious band member XD). I thought it was funny to hear how they start their band...They used to watch a lot of cheesy horror movies together before deciding to make a band. I thought it was endearing that they're both actually very upbeat people despite the band aesthetic.

★ Ana (Despair) ★

Ana is the former band member of Despair. They sound a lot more darker and raw than the other bands, with a lot of screaming/shouting and heavy, angry beats. But I find myself really enjoying this music by them, even though I don't listen to this genre normally. They sound like a darker version of an older band called Atari Teenage Riot which has a very unique musical direction that is rarely seen. Sadly, Ana commited suicide in 2008 but I like to think she still lives on in her music. Her style and aggressive voice really inspires me when I'm drawing and forces me to draw lively scenes xD... Sorry the quality on Youtube for their music is especially bad ;;

★ Olivia Lufkin ★

Olivia is a half Japanese, half American singer. She sings about interesting concepts that have cute/creepy themes to them mostly but her style has changed a lot over her career... Before she became mainstream, I read she was getting depressed about her unique music but lack of listeners. I'm inspired by her individuality and how she kept at it to become successful! She has awesome fashion style and a really lovely, pure voice too ♥

★ Kanon Wakashima ★

She's quite well known now, but just in case some people haven't heard her music, she is definitely worth a listen...
I used to play violin and piano, listening to her makes me wish I kept at it! She is very young and talented and produced by Mana himself. I think it's rare to find young musicians nowadays so talented with a classical instrument. My upbringing was the same as hers so I wonder if I had kept at it maybe I could play like her. She has beautiful style and I love watching her play cello ^^

I wanted to include Kana, La Roux and Lady Gaga...But I think everyone has heard of them...but they're my inspirations too! \(º^º)/

If you like one of the musicians I listed and want to hear more, please feel free to ask me for recommendations of their songs. I like to spread the word of lesser known musicians..!

Okay, I hope you enjoyed reading/listening to my idols!
Thank you very much for viewing ♥! (^^)
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