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Monthly Theme: My Idols

My first theme participation! :O Hope you enjoy :)

So my idols come from many places, but most of them you might have heard of.
Firstly, Miyavi.

Well, I like his music, and his style, but most of all I love the way he isn't afraid to have fun and just do what he wants without caring what anybody else thinks (for instance, running around screaming like a maniac. You can see those videos on youtube.)

Secondly, Audrey Kitching.

Now I'm not a big scenester or anything, but I love her blog. She just has such an insight into life. Also, she's totally into DIY and individualism and it's something I really like in her. AND she always has fab makeup, which I try to copy sometimes.
Plus, I love her hair.

Thirdly, Australian Roller Derby sensation Kitty Decapitate.

I know it's not very lolita, but I play roller derby, and Kitty is my derby idol. She is a small girl, but so strong, fast and agile. It must take so much dedication to a sport to be like her, which is how I aspire to be. I think that the focus and determination she puts into roller derby should be put into something in everyone's lives, and it's really something to aspire to.

Last but not least, Lady Gaga.

Pretty much because she's willing to say and do things people think are innappropriate and shocking, and is making us all rethink was is and isn't okay. She's not just another Brittney, she knows what she's doing and it has meaning.
I also admire her for letting us know it's okay to be different. It's okay to do whatever you want. I think more people should be who they are and not who people tell them they should be. I think we can all relate to that.
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