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Monthy Theme - My idols

My idols did not just influence my style, but my attitude, and actions.  My idols made me in to the cold-hearted lovely woman that I am today.  Are they real people?  No.  Are they real influences?  Most definitely.

angelica pickles Pictures, Images and Photos

Angelica Pickles

She taught me that different attitudes are better at different times. Also that being full of myself usually would end in a bad outcome. I LOVED HER. I got a lot of my attitude from watching her day in and day out.

Helga G. Pataky!!!!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Helga G. Pataky

You can always get what you want if you're motivated enough. Also not to put up with bullying or people that piss me off in general. Pretty in pink and carry a curled fist!

ursula Pictures, Images and Photos


It's possible to be big and beautiful! Women who have confidence glow. Strut that stuff. Help people if they need it, but if they don't NEED it, make sure you discuss payment before making a contract! XD Also... body language.

Also, it's thanks to her that I have a pet eel. ^^ His name is Flotsom.

claudia Pictures, Images and Photos

Not Kirsten Dunst... Just Claudia

She was beautiful in the book and just as equally so in the movie. To me, she says, "Use your looks to your advantage." Her fashion sense is amazing and if I was still 10, I would kill for her wardrobe in this movie. I still would, but in larger sizes of course. XD

So there you have it. Yes, all of my idols are backstabbing women with a lot of self confidence. :D I love them all and if they were real, I would LOVE to meet them. However... they are not.

Thank you for looking!

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