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Yet another Bodyline review

I've been into lolita for a few years now, but never had enough gumption or desire to order anything from Bodyline -- that is until I saw their cute little Alice-In-Wonderland themes skirt. It's adorable. I'm not even sure if it's a knock-off of anything. I'm assuming it is, but I have yet to stumble upon the original anywhere. Regardless, I debated about ordering from them for weeks...literally. I finally caved in though, and here are the results.

I actually ordered a lot more than just the Alice skirt. I figured if the shipping was 20 bucks I wanted to get my moneys worth. The following is a review I did for my 1st Bodyline order. I hope this helps out others who may be skeptical about ordering from them.

This is copied from my website. You can see the original post here 

...and Hopefully this LJ cut works. ^_^'' If not please let me know. My LJ skills are a little rusty.

Well, it’s finally here. The package I’ve been waiting for has arrived: My order from Bodyline.
*Deep Breath*

Why so worried? Let me give you some background on the Bodyline Brand:
Bodyline is a famous (or infamous) Japanese “brand” of inexpensive lolita, cosplay, maid, goth/punk clothing, shoes, and accessories. I say infamous because for a long time they were really frowned upon in the Lolita community; well at least in most American Lolita communities. I’m sure in some sense they still are. Many people feel the clothing is made cheaply, using bad materials/fabrics/lace and of all around crap-tastic quality. They also make knock-offs of famous lolita brands like Baby The Stars Shine Bright, which is also a no-no for a lot of loli’s.

So why did I order from them? Because for starters I’m a cheap bastard. Now, don’t get me wrong,  I’m all about quality --  I just think paying 300 bucks for a dress is silly. Perhaps if I were younger or had a job and no bills, I could see spending that kind of money on clothing. Sure, every now and then I’ll save up a pretty-penny and buy a Brand-name dress that costs 300 bucks, but to drop that kind of cash on a regular basis for me is near impossible. Not unless my student loan suddenly stops caring about me paying them back.

The other reason is I really dug some of their clothing. Sure, a lot of their stuff is a little too “Quacker-Factory Lolita” for my tastes, but surprisingly enough  Bodyline DOES come out with some really cute things.
From what I hear you just have to be very careful with what you order, and LOOK LOOK LOOK. Examine the photos carefully to make sure there’s no cheap-looking lace anywhere, or anything else which might make an outfit a disaster. I literally shopped for 3 days. Seriously. It took me 3 days to figure out what I wanted and if I could even fit it since their sizes can run small.

So what did I purchase and what did I think of their service? Let’s begin with the website:

Ease of use was fine. Their site is a little slow to load (and seeing as I have a high speed connection able to run TF2, Aion, and other PC games with little to no lag, I find it hard to believe it’s due to something on my end.) but other than having to wait it’s user friendly. They also have an option where you can view sizes in inches, which makes figuring out if you can fit something if you’re a metric-illiterate American like myself a bit easier.
4/5 Stars.

I used DHL which had a flat fee of 20 bucks. They sent the tracking information via my paypal e-mail which was fine and dandy. I ordered early Sunday morning around 1am EST ^_^’’. They sent out my package Tuesday and I received it Thursday. Not bad. I was able to track the package easily via their website and see where it was and what time it got there. Also, the man who delivered it even asked if we could identify who the package was for by giving the initials of the owner. I was VERY impressed with DHL’s services. I’ve had a lot of bad experience with packages getting lost or miss-delivered by UPS in the past, so the fact that they took the time to see if they had the right address, and if the person who ordered it even lived there, made me feel ecstatic.

5/5 Stars. DHL you rock my socks.

The Goods:
First of all -- all items came packed in these cute lil’ bags. Wish US shops did this sort of thing. Because I’m a pack-rat I’ll probably keep them and not use them what-so-ever.

Alright, on to the clothing! Since I ordered a bunch of stuff I’m going to break it down by item.

Alice in Wonderland Skirt:

I LOVE this skirt. It came in a few other colors, but I chose the pink and black as I thought I could mix-n-match a lot of other things with it. The fabric is of good quality. I don't get what people are talking about when they say Bodyline uses cheap fabric if this is the norm for them. It's no worse quality than the skirt I ordered from In The Starlight and Anna House. I felt the materials just to compare it with some of my other lolita skirts. It’s not as heavy as the materials Baby The Stars Shine Bright uses, but it’s not what I would consider “cheap” fabric. It’s the same sort of fabric you’d get from a  department store like Macy’s, Banana Republic, etc. Maybe some people feel these stores are low-end…I don’t know. Regardless, the quality wasn’t at all what I expected from all the rumors I’ve heard.
Pattern close up:
So CUTE! I’ve heard some of the patterns Bodyline produces can be pixel-y; however, this doesn’t seem the case with the Alice skirt. The colors are bright, the images are clear, and Cheshire cat makes me smile.
Close up of the lace:

The lace only accents the bottom of the skirt and is made of a heavier soft cotton. It’s slightly lighter and less thick than Baby The Stars Shine Bright’s, but it is NOT Rochelle lace by any means. It’s about the same quality of lace Anna House uses.
The Alice skirt also came with a detachable bow:

(Sorry for the image quality. Ever since I got my camera it’s been a constant battle for good pictures. Sometimes it wants to work, sometimes it doesn’t.)
5/5 Smiling Cheshire Cats.
Mint/Gray Lolita Girl Skirt:

My first complaint: The color isn’t exactly “mint” nor is it “gray”. It’s more of a minty-blueish-gray… if that makes any sense. I checked to see if perhaps they sent me the wrong color. Nope. Package says “Green/Gray” which is what I ordered. I did some looking and compared my skirt with the websites photo, and it IS indeed the green/gray skirt. The blue colored skirt is a very light powder blue while my skirt is the darker blue/green/gray one  in the back. If you know anything about the Japanese language though the color description will make sense as Japanese people don’t really discern green and blue colors the way American’s do – At least that’s what my old Japanese professor in college told me. Regardless, the color is still lovely, and ironically match the shoes I bought (and will review in a second) PERFECTLY. It’s just not the traditional “green mint-chocolate-chip-ice cream”color Americans think of when they see the word “mint”.
The fabric is the same quality as the Alice skirt above, and the bows on the bodice are made of a nice satin ribbon.
Close up of the pattern:

Again, the pattern’s image isn’t pixel-y at all. There’s a cute light taupe stripe behind the image which is really pretty and delicate.  The blue/green/gray  color of the skirt really looks nice with the patterns color contrast. The overlapping “Love Nadia” is intentional (I think? Either way it looks fine) and is set in a repeating pattern of “overlapping” gold script over white font and solid gold script only. (Hence it’s overlapping, solid, overlapping, sold, etc…)
4.5/5 Stars if only because the color “mint” is misrepresented.
Honestly, I wouldn’t even know what to call this color. Maybe a dark aqua or a light slate blue?
Blue High-heals of awesome:

I was very wary of ordering shoes from Bodyline – Not because of quality issues but because of sizing. Japanese sizing is a weird thing. I’ve heard horror stories of people miss-measuring, websites having the wrong size-conversion tables, etc. I didn’t want to order shoes I couldn’t fit. My best advice? MEASURE YOUR DAMN FEET, and know how your feet run as far as sizes go. It’s that simple. I’m a size 6 US but my feet are sometimes a little small for size 6 dress shoes. I ordered a Japan size 230 (which is a US size 5 1/2 to 6) just to be on the safe side. I chose wisely as my shoes fit perfectly. Like I said, just know if your feet run slightly small or slightly large and make your final size choice that way. No one’s foot is *exactly* a certain size.
Construction wise they seem very nice so far. They’re no Steve Maddens by any means, but they’re a higher quality than Pay-Less. I’d say Hot Topic or Demonia Brand quality if you need a store/brand comparison. Plus they were only 19 bucks, so far they’re nice for the…price. Rhyme. Sorry. The ankle strap also clasps on really nifty. It has a metal piece that slides on the strap right behind the buckle. It’s really comfortable actually, more so than normal buckle straps. Makes me wonder why American ones aren’t made this way. It makes it so the strap isn’t cutting off ankle circulation, and when you have fat lil’ ankles like myself a nice strap makes a world of difference.
As far as comfort, for being such a high heal (about 5 inches) they’re sure easy to walk in. Amazingly easy actually. I was worried I would topple over as soon as I stood up, but they have this neat curve-thing at the ball-of the foot which makes walking really nice. It’s like you’re gliding or something. They’re also not as heavy on the foot as lot of platforms can be.
5/5 Cankle Straps.
Blue Sparkle Strawberry Hair-tie.

Ok, so in nature strawberries aren’t blue – They’re also not sparkly but that doesn’t stop this simple little hair tie from being freaking amazing. I don’t know why I like this thing so much. I’d say as far as quality goes it’s about on-par for Hot-Topics or Clairs. For 1 dollar though it was well worth it. So cute.
More important: The elastic tie is actually stretchy! Holy crap. You have no idea how many times I’ve bought hair ties from places that have cute little ornaments on them but the elastic is all falling apart and un-stretchy. Can’t really hold your hair with an elastic hair tie if the thing’s elastic is stretched out like Al Bundy’s underwear.
5/5 Unnaturally awesome berries.
Candy Sparkle Necklace:

I’m…not sure how I feel about this one. I like it, but honestly it reminds me of this pirate necklace I got at a Halloween store. Not in looks mind you, more so materials and feel. The pirate necklace I bought for pirate day…which…I wore for work (don’t ask) and was made in China out of, you guessed it, LEAD! This necklace has that same heavy *lead* feel and distinctive smell. The good news is it comes on a really long chain (you can double it up like you would a long strand of pearls) so the poisonous fumes should be far enough from your head to not give the wearer any permanent ill effects.
…just don’t suck on it.
3/5 Stars for being cute, but possibly able to kill you.
All and all I’m really impressed with Bodyline. I had heard they upped their quality a lot due to all the negative press they had received so I’m not sure if the better quality items I got are due to their better-quality response, or if the items were always made this way and people are just nit-picky because it’s not a 300 dollar name brand. Either way my shopping experience was really great, my items are lovely, and I would order from them again.
If you ever plan on ordering from Bodyline here’s my advice:
1) Do a lot of window shopping first
2)LOOK LOOK LOOK. Examine what you’re getting very closely. I know computer monitors only get so good, but I can’t stress examining the pictures enough. If something doesn’t look right, or looks cheap, don’t get it.
3)Avoid pieces covered in 8 feet of lace. It just makes me worry about quality and all around appearance.
4) Measure yourself and know your size so the clothing you get actually fits.
5) Know how your feet run as far as sizing if you plan on getting shoes. If your feet run larger get one size up, if they run smaller get one size down. (Example: If you wear a size 6 like myself and your feet tend to run a little small get the 5 1/2 to 6 size equivalent.)
6) Their jewelry is cheep for a reason. Expect lead. Not good for people with oral fixations. Seriously. o.o

Overall Score: 4.5/5
I still can’t get over the +1 jeweled candy necklace of poisoning. Causes 1d4 poison damage for every hour exposed to it’s toxic fumes.

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  • Rococo_Romance's Wardrobe Post 2019

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