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June Theme: My Idol/Heroes

 *coughs and clear throat"

Shall we start from the beginning?
Of course we shall

what Spark my Interest In Lolita Was the Character LADY OSCAR From Rose of Versailles back in 1995 in Cameroon

And for you don't know! i started in lolita wearing Classic sweet Aristocrat! hehehe!! it was because of Lady Oscar!!
When I first laid my eyes on Lady Oscar! Time stood still!! it was like looking at alter ego!! She was Everything I wanted to grow up to be!!
SHE WAS FIERCE!! STRONG!!! FABULOUS!! SHE MENS CLOTHING! AND SHE WAS AN ARISTOCRAT!!!! God!! help! I was in love with this woman I wanted to be her! and because of her! my favorite Flower will always be a Rose! I will accept any other flower XDD
(i need to picture a 7yr old black girl in all lace and a parasol in the middle of a freaking Amazonian Weather LOL XD)

my second hero is Atsushi Sakurai from Buck-Tick
The first I saw him was on the manga channel In Cameroon i was about 9 and a half yrs old! it was the PV of the song "Dress"! I told myself that if i was ever to be a Man! it would have to be him! I think he is the most Sexiest thing since Sex itself! oh yeah!! I have the  most High Respect for this man (I'd Do him even if he's 43 shoot! that is one fine ass man)He has been my Musical Hero For years!! and still is!! as a matter of fact! i hoping to see him live in Japan this December God willing.

my Third hero is Mana of course!

This Dude brainwashed so Bad hahahahaha XD!!! But the Truth is Mana Has true Style!! He Gave Goth Elegance in such a fine way! which inspired to be myself! and express my style!! of course I washed at the atler of malice mizer back in 1997 too LOL XDD! Mana showed me that Androgyny is beautiful!, Sexy, Bold and a form of art itself!!

my forth hero would be PRINCE
The Man is just too pretty for y'all! I mean Come on!!! he dressed in aristocrat-like outfits And Rock all our panties off
Purple Rain All the way!! "Kiss" will always be my Favorite song! Home boy is Fine!! RAWR!! XD

my 5th hero would be Audrey Hepburn
All I'm saying is "funny face" , "My Fair Lady", "breakfast at Tiffiney's"  done!! her voice was the voice i wanted to have! she spoke like Royalty

No 6 would be Coco Chanel

Do I even need to explain this love! if channel ever did a Lolita Collection! I'm going back to Classical Lolita for that entire year! i would wear pinks for Chanel
With Channel I learned one thing! "Elegance is Bliss" *flips hair*

No 7  Kaya "The Rose Queen"

I Looooooooooooooooooove Kaya! Admire his stage presence a lot plus his voice is like Wine and honey had a love child!!
he laugh! is the best thing about kaya ^__^ its like little burst of Happy when he laughs

and for No 8 EMILIE AUTUMN!

she just know my mind!! Me and her are from same World i tell you! and I relate to her music on levels beyond words! love her style! ( and shout out to all my fellow Plague rats out there! SPREAD THE PLAGUE *_*) and she inspired my poetry sometimes too

and last Velvet Eden

There's Music was what i found to be Really Gothic!! I use to call their Music the Gothic Vogue sound LOL XDD Still love them and will always love them!!

Well thats that for my heroes! ^__^

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