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Lovely Shoes review!

Lovely Shoes Site:  www.lovelyshoes.net/index.php

I didn't participate in the Go and ordered separately because I ordered a lot.  The order was delayed, but as soon as i messaged them they explained it was because an out of stock item was the problem. They refunded the difference, and the order arrived right away.

I had a lot to say, so i made a video to fully show the details.  Feel free to ask me more questions!~

(side note: lol I probably look rly noob here, but i'm not dressed lolita , nor trying, but i put on the bow for the video because, y not)

Summary: Overall positive because it was as expected.

Lovely shoes are as imaged, imperfections are internal and aren't noticeable in use.  If you want top notch shoes, go buy baby, if you want to have inexpensive decent shoes, then lovely shoes is a good choice. The only trouble is sizing, i am a  8.5 and i needed a 41 for best fit, this was consistent among all the shoes in the order.  Lovely shoes compares to other Chinese-made shoes, and also to other cheaper more costly shoes.  Some shoes were made better than others, but the difference isn't significant.  My shoes held up to daily use which includes a LOT of walking and being a bit beat up.

the shoes in the review:





Mentioned: www.lovelyshoes.net/goods.php

GO:  here
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