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June Theme Post

I've seen lots of lovely posts about everyone's Lolita inspirations, and I wanted to share mine as well. (kind of a long post. But I've got a lot of inspirations!)

Not only are the following just my Lolita style idols, but my fashion inspirations all around. And really, some of them are people I've admired since I was a little girl, and wanted to grow to be like.

Nafrayou is very much a style influence for me. She isn't exactly lolita, but her style is sweet, whimsical, and colourful; and I love her confidence and brightness. Her piercings, tattoos, and wild hair are all so beautiful to me; and she is so unique yet retains such a feminine look. I want to have that power as well!

Dorothy Gale! I first saw the Wizard of Oz when I was five years old and skipped around for days singing 'follow the yellow brick road.' My parents even bought me red, shiney shoes that I wore until they were too small. I love her classical look; to me it is Lolita meets 1940's America. Her hair is perfect, her voice is heavenly, and her jumperskirt is just too cute! I recently bought a pattern at a fabric store and am now sewing my own.

is an inspiration to me all around and has been since I was a little girl. Question everything and don't be afraid. Also a very classic Lolita look and inspiration to us all, might I say? I just adore her.

Marie Antionette, another strong woman with over-the-top looks. I love frills and cake and fun and everything she is a symbol of. When putting together a Lolita outfit, I usually have her in mind; though the extent of my Antionette-ness is my poofy hair and poofy petti. And cake.

Umeha of Kyoto. This beautiful woman is one of the top Geiko in Kamishichiken. I have a love for traditional Japanese art and culture; and every time I see a photo of this woman I am stricken by her beauty. She is who I think of when I wear kimono, or wish to bring a classical Japanese element to my outfit.

Lady Gaga is one of my biggest influences. I adore her endlessly. She is so passionate not only about her music but about her fashion and about being new and different. Every day when I get dressed I try to put my own 'Gaga' spin on things. WWGGD? She is so dynamic and lovely. And a bit of a Lolita herself!
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