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Moonlight Rollerway Meet Final Up-Date!!!


Yay! It is finaly here. This saturday will be the moolight rollerway meet up.

We will meet up in the paring lot at 7:00pm(I will be there at 6:30 so if you show up before that no worries). Happiiimilk said that she will be bringing some cupcakes or some kind of small cake like treats. I will bring something to drink. If any one else wants to bring snacks that is fine as well...we will need to finish it all before we go into the rink. There are no outside food and drink allowed inside the venue.

Here is the address:
Moonlight Rollerway
5110 San Fernando Road
Glendale, CA 91204

Here is a little list of things to bring:

* Cash/credit/debt card(s)
* $11.25 admission fee ($7.75 to get in, $3.50 for skate rental)
* cash for lockers if you want to stow your stuff. it is $0.50 for the locker
* money for the snack bar
* roller skates/roller blades of you are not renting
* extra socks. some thing to put on over or instead of you nice socks.
* and of course your pettis <3

Even if you did not already commit to come to the meet please fell free to come, the more the merrier!!!
I cannot wait to meet everyone, see you on Saturday (^_^)

if you need more info community.livejournal.com/la_loligoth/95172.html  





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