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Bodyline Colors FTL

BODYLIIINEEEE~ *fist shake*

I mistakenly thought a second Bodyline order was a good idea, soooo I ordered this rose JSK in sax thinking it would be pink roses on sax blue like in this collared rose JSK. (I didn't order the latter because I didn't want that collar!) Well, I shouldn't have assumed what it'd be since there weren't color swatches-- it's actually dark blue roses on cream. Not at all my style.

While I'm at it, the colors on this cherry JSK in pink are very unlike the picture. (Why, photographer, why?) The frilly parts of the sleeves and the bottom hem are indeed a soft pink, but the main body is much darker and salmony. You can only vaguely get a hint of that color from the bad photos. The hearts, by the way, are not white-- they're a light sax blue. It's not so bad that I hate it, but not what I expected. Actually, no, the more I look at it, the more I can't really stand how the pinks are such different shades. I'm very particular about how things match :( (ETA: I wonder if it'd be possible to tone down the pink lace with tea dyeing to better match the base of the dress? I don't think I could sweeten up the salmon to match the sweet pink, so I can probably only match the other way around.)

Anyway, since they wonderfully take no returns, I'll have to figure out something else with the blue roses of non-pink doom. Just wanted to give everyone else a heads-up on that! If the thunderstorms clear and I get enough light, I'll hold the bag up to the webcam to let y'all see what that print is like.

ETA: Look in the comments to see that they actually do have a picture of the sax blue roses... on the Japanese site only, not the English site. How hard would it be for them to put the pictures on both? So, FYI for the future, remember to check both sites to confirm when they don't have swatches of other colorways.

For those interested in seeing, here's a couple links to the print with my webcam, but I do have someone who's looking to buy it so this is for y'all's BL-purchasing reference rather than from me.¤t=BLroses1.jpg¤t=BLroses2.jpg
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