purinyappykura (purinyappykura) wrote in egl,

This is a bit in advance...

I hope it's alright to post this here, but I'm planning on going to Japan in October-ish (will get exact dates when I can) while my dad is in New York.

I was wondering if there were any Tokyo lolitas that had extra space for me to crash on for a week? (and maybe go shopping together, restaurants, etc. If not that's fine too, I have friends in Tokyo).

I can pay you for homestay and I'll buy my own food, I'm not a mooch, haha.

Or, if you are a lolita from abroad who is going to Tokyo in October and would like a lolita in their room with them to split costs and giggle over frills, that's awesome too!

I am also heading to Osaka after that week and if previous plans fall through... any Osaka lolitas? hahaha.

If this is against the rules... my bad?

Thanks for reading this!
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