Rose Kingdom (unusual_alice) wrote in egl,
Rose Kingdom

My Lolita Idols :)

I've been meaning to make this post for a while now, so here I go :)

Anne of Green Gables

Anne gives me so much inspiration! With her fiery personality and her fiery hair, she's just like a cheeky little lolita looking for adventures and fun :) Everything about her is just so cute, and shes always been a role model of mine from a young age ^^


Sarah is such a cute and brave little girl, and although I can't remember all of A Little Princess, I do remember her adorable curls and her beautiful clothes. Definately a Lolita Idol for me ^^

Wednesday Addams

This adorable horror is just too cute not to mention :) With her english rose skin and dark plaited hair, she is definately close enough to be lolita. Plus, I love the creepy yet cute feel to her.

Beatrice the Golden Witch

If Beatrice here was a Lolita, she would be the QUEEN. She is elegant, graceful, beautiful, and best of all -- she knows she can take down anyone :) She is strong and doesnt take crap from anyone. Isn't that Lolita?

Last but not least....


Hinaichigo, cutest of the Rozen Maidens :) With her strawberry pink dress, and her cute blonde ringlets, she's just an absolute personification of sweet lolita :)

These are my Lolita Idols, thanks for reading :)
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