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The Essence of Roses @~}~~

My mother is more than a green thumb, her entire body is green. She can save just about any plant and she has gardens of flowers and vegetables all over our yard. In fact we even have a fig tree!

Today she made some wonderful rose water. She did the typical distilling process and it came out wonderful. I have never actually used it before, but I have heard it used many times in a historical context. I decided to do some snooping of my own to look more into this beauty product and I wanted to share some of my findings as well as gather any findings of others.

One of the most common uses of Rose Water is obviously the fragrance aspect. It's actually quite interesting to smell the differences in the rose water and the rose essence. My mother sprayed one of my arms with rose essence and then the other with the left over water. HUGE difference, but both smelled delightful. The better of the two smells is the essence, but is the hardest to acquire. When making your own rose water it is important to have it at the right temperature and to have a good sealing process. You can lose a lot of what you want to gather if you're not careful!

These are some of the things I found out with my research:

Rose water can be used to clear the skin. My mother suggested to use it when you get right out of the shower. Spritz your body down and it will help in clearing up skin. It is a known astringent. It is perfect with those who have fair skin. So for those Lolitas with fair skin that is sensitive to most products, rose water would be a good replacement for the harsher over the counter medicines.

For the Lolita that loves to cook, rose water is a popular flavoring. It is common in a lot of middle eastern cuisine, but is also often used in sweets such as marzipan and madeleine. Perfect for a sweet tooth :0D

It is important when looking for Rose Water products to check what other ingredients are included. Basically all the positive effects of Rose Water can be nullified if there are other harsh chemicals added to the product. Probably the best way to ensure you are getting a good Rose Water is to make it yourself! Unfortunately not everyone has a huge rose garden at their convenience and so when purchasing roses make sure that they are not treated with pesticides!!! That definitely will nullify the positive effects you will be looking for. If you maybe have a relative like a grandma (let's face it when we think of rose gardens we instantly think of grandmas) ask if you can collect the petals that have fallen. It will take a lot of petals to make but it is well worth it in the end!

Here are some sites that teach you how to make rose water:


Rose Water is a great classic scent that can add a splash of romance and antiquity to any style of Lolita as well as help create beautiful skin <3
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