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Big taobao review + Taobao Spree

 Hello Egl,

On May fifth I sent my order to Taobao Spree. They replied within 45 minutes and placed me with a lady that would take my order, Esther. Esther was always very quick to respond. It would take her about 1 hour to a day to respond to my emails. If the sellers had any specific questions about my mesurments, she would contact me. She made sure everything was made the right size. It was quite a lengthy order because of the sellers.

Dear Celine took like 3 weeks to make my top and only told us at the last minute that a bolero I wanted had been sold out. Surface spell Gothic never replied to Esther's emails. Anyways, the delays were out of her control and I understand plus most f my stuff was custom made for me so I understood that it would take some time. (I had some experience with taobao delays while I still used QutieLand)

As I learned that some things were unavailable or sold out, I re ordered something equivalent so that also added up. I wanted a lot of variety and there were such GOOD DEALS on taobao.

Anyways, enough ranting, here's my rating for the shopping service:

Communication 5/5 Great communication!
Speed 5/5 Super speed!
Packaging and shipping: 4/5 It was good, it arrived fast and nothing was damaged but I didn't see anything that noticable on that front. 
Oh and the Shopping service fee is 10%

Pic of box:

Ok on to the goods:

1. Dear Celine petticoat (Dear Celine`s Cotton Candy Sweet Super Poofy Chiffon Petticoat):

Original product link:

Rating 4/5
It's seriously super poofy. It's perfect for a nice cupcake shape.
The only thing I did not like was the fact there were A LOT of loose threads just dangling from the petticoat. They were long enough to tickle my knees (because I wear long bloomers) It took me about 15 minutes to get them all out. Now that I did, it's perfect though

2. Dollscrops A line petticoat

Original product link :

Rating : 5/5
Perfect A line shape (very poofy), no loose threads. I LOVE it

3. White Violin bag from a parasol store

Original product link: Unavailable, it got replaced by a heart shaped bad o,0

Rating: 4.5/5
It's very well done. The scallops at the bottom are perfect. The bag has two inner pockets, one ziped and one not ziped and one external zipped pocket at the back. The only thing I don't like is that the straps don't look like they can carry a lot of weight. It's very pretty and delicate though, perfect for classical coordinates.

4. Lost Luna white blouse

Original product link:

Rating 5/5 The lace is gorgeous (my pictures don't do this blouse justice). It fits like a glove, it's light, delicate and just plain beautiful.

5. 69th department black blouse

Original product link:

Rating 4/5. It's a nice blouse, light material, perfect for summer. It has a nice cut. There just isn't anything to get really excited about. (The version in the picture looked a bit nicer than mine). The buttons look like they might come off.

6. Dark Whisper necklace

Original product link:

Rating 5/5 Gorgeous, delicate and perfect!

7. Dark Whipser Brooch/ Hair clip

Original product link:

Rating: 4/5 It's really gorgeous, but I feel as though the finishing was a little bit cheap around the ends of the lace. They did not even making a seam at the edges. But I can sew a little so I'll finish it.

8. Dark Whisper Necklace

Original product link:

Rating : 5/5 looks exactly like the picture. It's gorgeous.

9. 69th department long sleeved black blouse

Original product link:

Rating 4.5/5 It looked better than the picture, but the buttons looked like they might fall off too. ;_;

10. Dear Celine blouse

Original product link:

Rating: 5/5. Perfect, well made, good fit, comfortable and beautful!

11. R Series bolero in black and white

Original product link:

Rating 5/5 They really look like the picture when worn. They are soft, delicate and pretty.

13. Nana lolita shoe clips

Original product link:

Rating 4/5 Quite pretty, but the quality is not mind blowing.

14. White shoes

Original product link:

Rating 5/5 I could not find a structural flaw, no bump, nothing.

15. Krad Lanrete's lace bolero

Original product link:

Rating 6/5 I am seriously in love with this bolero. It's soft and it's shape is distinctively aristocratic. It looks way better with a coordinate.

16. Gothic shoes

Original product link:

Rating 5/5 They fit like a glove and they look awesome. They are quite easy to put on because they are tied with clips.

I also bought some lacy stockings. I might take the time to put them one by one and take pictures of them, but the gist of what i bought is there. I hope that this can help some of you.
Here is an example of a coord using what i just bought:

Headdress : OffBrand
Necklace: Dark Whisper
Bolero: Krad Lanrete
Blouse: 69th department
Skirt : Holy Queen from Moi même moitié
Petticoat: Dollscrops
stockings: taobao
Shoes: Demonia

Have a nice day!
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