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Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

Review of bis0ux on Etsy

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday we had a big swap meet in the San Francisco area ^^. I'm sure pictures will posted sometime or another, but for now I just wanted to give a review for some knitted bows made by janitors.

janitors brought a lot of her handmade bows to sell at the swap meet, and they sold pretty successfully. Before everyone packed the stuff up, I went back to look at the bows again and decided to buy 2. There were a lot of colors to choose from, so it was great ^^.

Size comparison. I should note that I'm a tiny person, so my hands are smaller than the average bear XD;;:

Details front:

Details back:


I can't give a shipping and communication rating since the transaction was all in person. But her and her friends were super sweet, and the quality of the bows are great. I was really surprised how perfect each handmade bow looked; there were no loose yarn or sections anywhere in the bows. Quality & service: 5/5

I'm all about handmade items and supporting them ^^. If you're interested in checking more colors out, here's the link:

Thanks for looking~~

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