Randi (nottastarrx3) wrote in egl,

Favorite Lolita Brand Of All-Time?

I suppose this is a pretty dumb post, it was more of an inquiry for the community/discussion ! xD
But what is your favorite lolita brand and why? Or if you change opinions a lot, which are you feeling currently?
I guess most would take into consideration not just style, but price and quality!

I'd have to say my favorite is Mary Magdalene. I haven't had any experience ordering from there (yet, i hope i can! everything seems to always be sold out >.>), but i've heard good reviews. I like it mostly because of just how freaking bad ass the clothes are . the only thing is i'd like to see a wider color palette, but the details to everything is impeccable.  When i saw the dresses my mind exploded from the fact that things like that are still somewhat being created still. This was pretty much my reaction to lolita period.

I'm pretty sure 99.9% of you are familiar with the brand, but here's an example of a dress i currently love on the site.

I'd honestly pee myself if i even owned a sock created by these people. /end rant.
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