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A long overdue review of Mail Order Japan

Now let me start this by saying that I have friends who have used them with no trouble at all, and apparently the owner is very nice and etc etc etc, but I will never use them again.

I used to use Crescent, but Crescent's fees are quite expensive plus the whole $50 minimum deposit thing that you can't use to pay for your purchase thing sucks. Anyway, I decided to MOJ.

I put down a $50 deposit, meaning I could bid up to $100. I found Puppet Circus, had a heart attack, and added a $50, then another $35 deposit. I lost the bidding, but I kept my deposit on there because I wanted to buy more things. I bid on a pair of boots and won (this was the end of March), totally 6000 yen with shipping and fees.

I didn't order anything for a while, but I found something I wanted on another site. I politely sent them an email asking if I could have some of my deposit back, no reply. I sent another email, no reply. I sent yet another email asking if they'd received my last two emails. After a week with no reply, I filed a Paypal dispute, nervous that they had run off with my deposit. They responded to it two days later very confused and very angry. I explained that I had become nervous about their unresponsiveness and just wanted to protect my money. I added at the bottom if they had received my emails and if I could have some of my deposit back. I canceled the disputes, and they never replied to my email or gave any of my deposit back. :/

Anyway, the middle of April rolls around and I find Rose Toilette for a GREAT deal and I jump on it. Now I have two items, totaling around $400.

After that I attempted to bid on a few wigs and a few little things on Mbok with the manual bid form. They don't reply to any of them or bid on any of them, even though they're supposed to bid within 24 hours.

At this point I was just so beyond this, so I request an invoice, specifying I want AIRMAIL...
then request it again
then again

"it's golden week"
Oh, okay.

then again a week later
then again
then again

Then two weeks later my friend tells me "did you check your email?"

Now they have a section called "Open Invoices", which is where I was checking. It turns out this section has absolutely no fucking purpose I can see, and they send the invoice to your email in some inexplicable file I can't even open and need to have one of my friends convert it to a PDF for me.

Somehow, though it all makes sense in the invoice, I ended up spending $517. Which means they're charging me ~$117 in fees. What in the FUCK?

I pay grudgingly five days later because their account isn't even verified so I can't transfer money from my Paypal balance + my bank account. I either have to echeck it, or transfer money into my account.

All the while there are like 3 meetups I opt out of going to because I was waiting so long just to get this invoice (though it was kind of my fault).

They ship my items a couple days after I paid and send me an EMS tracking number. Even though I asked for airmail. Ah, that's why shipping was $65. :/

I get the items, they're in a box, but with no wrapping of any kind. If I was super duper excited or if the guys at duty had opened it not so carefully I would have sliced right through Rose Toilette which was folded nicely with no wrapping or protection right against the front of the box that you CUT OPEN.
The shoes came in a shoe box that was supplied to them by the seller, but that's it.

Overall it took a little over two months just to get two items.

Fees: 3/5
Communication: 1.5/5
Ease of Website: 3/5
Shipping: 2/5

SO OVERALL. I give the service like a 2.5/5 for being kind of nice I guess, and apparently being cheaper, or something.
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