dollprincess13 (dollprincess13) wrote in egl,

DHL Problems (yes again)

I just got a call from my mum,who received a letter for me from a finance something.
I have to pay 145 euro's before monday or else i get sued!
Its from DHL the delivery service.
And omg im so mad!!! 0_o
im about to kick  and hit things aaarrg!
So here's the situation,so tell me if you think this is justice.
A couple of years ago (2 and a half) when i first started with lolita fashion,i ordered a lot at Bodyline,with a couple of friends.
Its total cost (shipping was excluded because of the big cost,thats the reason we ordered so much) was about 400 euro's.
The box got delivered and that was all,i didn't have to pay extra cost so Bodyline + DHL was my personal little heaven.
One year after that i received a bill from DHL for 74,25 euro,but i had no idea what it was so i just deceided to let it be for the moment.
Never got a letter again...
The year after that i moved in with my boyfriend,so i had a new adres and i ordered again at Bodyline,this time only one dress and a bag,total costs (this time with shipping) was 30 euro.
It got delivered and the delivery guy told me to pay 24,45 euro extra.
Now i heard this could happen,because of the taxes so i was a bit anoyed about it,but hey,it was just bad luck...
anyway,that month i got a reminder of the bill of 74,25 euro of 1,5 year ago from the big order with the other girls,and also a NEW bill worth 70 euro.
Now the earlier mentioned big order of 400 euro had a bill worth 74,25 euro wich came a year after the order...sounds mostly logical to that point.
But now i got a new bill from the small order of 30 euro (+the extra 24 i had to pay at the door to the delivery guy) and the bill was worth 70 euro and it came a month after the stuff was delivered!
What doesn't seem right here?!
400 euro + a year later = bill 74,25 euro
30 euro + 24 euro delivery guy + a month later = bill 70 euro
I didn't understand it at all so i called DHL and after a small ''friendly'' talk with the telephone lady she said i had to send all my bill's from DHL + the paper i got from paying the delivery guy to DHL and they would make a file out of it and research it,and they would let me know as soon as possible.
I did all that (TWICE because it took so long) and i didn't hear from them for like 6 months,and then they send another one of these bill's to my mum's house(even though i told them i moved and gave them my new adres),the 74,25 one.
telling me to pay ASAP!!
but i was like,im not paying anything before i get my notice from DHL,what the hell those bill's are.
The only thing i know now is that the people from DHL have shit inside their heads instead of brains.
All my money that i saved up for Japan is about to disappear like snow in the sun because of these freaking morons! 0_0
So just a warning to all you japan-clothes lovers,whatever you do,don't ever use DHL!
Its better to just buy a ticket to Japan and buy everything you need there,even then you would spend less money then using DHL.

Its just that im so lucky to have an extremely kind boyfriend who is willing to pay my bill of 145 euro (this is the bill of 74,25 + all kinds of other costs).
But i wonder about the other bill from DHL the one worth 70 euro.Whats going to happen with that? is it getting doubled again? will my college life (wich is of course extremely poor) be affected by the monkey's that call themselves a delivery service?
Are there any other people in this kind of situation?and how did you solve it?
Please tell me because im about to go to DHL and start a scene....everybody who knowes me,knowes i love scenes :)


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