Mother is god in the eyes of a child. (angelofdeath275) wrote in egl,
Mother is god in the eyes of a child.

Enough with the Stock Photo and Measurement requests.

If you've been on egl for a while now, or hell even a week, you've probably seen like 1-6 stock photo and measurement requests per day. It becomes annoying after awhile. So, in order is reduce the number of pic requests, I present the following websites to inquiry.

1.) The Lolita Stock Photo Flickr Group. This is the largest collection of stock photos, and it keeps on growing. It's not organized in ANY way, but the search tool is pretty handy.

2.) The Lolibrary. This just went up like a day ago. Its still in the raw, but still has tons of info,. It lists colorways, measurements, washing instructions, and more. You can contribute to this site if your own stock photos or other stuff.

3.) Hello Lace. Another site that went up about a day ago. It's still in the beta version, but also has tons of info. This site mainly has Angelic pretty and OPs and JSKs for now. Its lists the Japanese names, year of release, price, materials, and much more. You can also contribute to this site.

edit: 4.) This lovely collection of Classic Lolita stock photos. I've noticed w/ all 3 sites I've mentioned, so far they mainly have the well known sweet lolita brands cataloged.

....So please, CHECK THESE SITES BEFORE POSTING HERE. And do it THROUGHLY. From A-Z. Don't say "I searched [insert name here] and couldn't find it plz help me T_T" These sites may still be beta, but they still have a lot of info.

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