madaka_jmjd (madaka_jmjd) wrote in egl,

Question I would like to pose on the topic of undergarment materials.

     I've mentioned this in several places (most notably my journal) but I plan on starting an online shop for Lolita (and eventually steam punk) clothing, and my main focus is making things that are nice, but fairly inexpensive. I'm starting with items like petticoats and bloomers, and they will most likely be priced for $25-$35 USD, plus shipping. The garments will be custom sized, well constructed, and any lace/trim used will be of good quality. This is my question though: For this price range, plus custom sizing, (petticoat tulle for petticoats,) good construction, and nice lace or trim (if applicable), would you be okay if the base cloth (the skirt the tulle is attached to for a petticoat, or the main part of the bloomers) is a poly/cotton blend?

     I know this is generally a no-no in the lolita world, but as it would be an undergarment, and not something that would normally seen by people, I was wondering if it is something that my fellow lolitas could accept. If I get overwhelming no's, then I do have a back up plan, but I thought I would ask this first.  (and I'm posting this on other lolita communities to try to get a variety of opinions, not to troll!)
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