Megan! (meiki) wrote in egl,

Theme Post: Two Birds with One Stone!

I made a bonnet! Inspired by this Chantilly bonnet, only a little more ridiculous. It's constructed out of plastic canvas because I was hard-pressed to find buckram right before a con. It works pretty well, though it doesn't hold a shape quite as nicely. It's all hand-sewn and the flowers are on hair clips so I can take them off more easily if I wish.

Some details and a bit of a side view! The ribbon matches so well! I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby, by the by. I couldn't resist a feather, just too silly and awesome :D

Here it is (falling backwards a little D:) with an outfit:

And now, some personal style inspirations!

I'm surprised she hasn't been mentioned yet! The way she combines styles, does crazy things with her hair, and matches her boyfriend really inspire me. Not that I could get my boyfriend to wear those shoes haha.

Alexander McQueen
His designs were so varied and beautiful. I think his clothing really embodied the pageantry and craziness that I love so much about fashion. I think that same over-the-top idea is why I love lolita so much.

Okay this is kind of cheating I guess, since it's not really one person. However, I really do get a lot of inspiration from all of the lolitas over there, and the girls who post photo shoots and meet-ups over here as well! Seeing how people coordinate different items, add their own flair, and share with others, really inspires me.
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