chetanlaiho (chetanlaiho) wrote in egl,

Another survey

So here's yet another girl who is doing a school assignment on Lolita who would like you to take part in a survey. Now I am by no means a pro, I have never in my life made a survey before so if you have any feedback on how I could improve it next time, great! Also, English is not my first language, and ussually this is never a problem but for some reason when I do anything remotely official my English decreases, so consider yourself warned ;).

Click here to take the survey:

Thank you in advance and I promise I'll try to actually have something worthwile to say next time I post to EGL >_<

Edit: I finished my assigment, thank you all so much for your help! I never expected so many responses (I got over a 100!) I can't thank you enough ^_^ it was a LOT of fun to read all the responses 

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