mysteriousapeot (mysteriousapeot) wrote in egl,

WTB~~Wonder Cookie OP White&White & knockoff milky-chan pocket book

okay,  I'm dying to have this dress, but I can't afford new prices.  I'd like it in white&white, but I'll see it in any other color.  The highest I'll go is $200.  I know this is a tad unrealistic, but if you think it isn't, great!  here's the stock photo:

I'd also like the matching socks~~used as well, please.

another weird thing~~I won't be able to pay for it for possibly another half a week-week, but since I'm not expecting anyone to come forward so quickly, I hope that won't be a problem.  Btw, it's not that I don't have the money, It's just a deal i made with my mom.  If you have a real problem with that but can get it to me sooner, great.  I'll find a way around it.  Also, even if it takes, like, a month to get to me, please make the shipping the cheapest possible.

also, I've heard that there's a knockoff of the milky-chan pocket book.  Unfortunately, I have no clue who made it.  if you know who made it and you have one you'd like to sell, tell me how much is the least you'd sell it for and still be content with selling it and I'll see what I can do.

This is my first time buying anything from a brand name, so I'm a little scared~~sorry for being such a freak.  Tnx!
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