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Picture and VIDEO Tours of Lolita stores in Tokyo

Tokyo rebel is doing tours and taking pictures of ALL of the stores they sell merchandise for, including but not limited to Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Sex Pot, Maximam, and Angelic Pretty.

So i looked it up and im pretty sure there is no post on this subject.

"We mentioned earlier that as part of our visits with our brands this time, we had asked each one both to film a greeting for our customers and their fans, and to let us photograph their stores. This is generally not done for anyone outside of the media, so we weren't sure what to expect. Surprisingly, they all agreed! (Yes, every brand we carry!) Some of these stores - like the by-appointment-only Victorian maiden Press Room or the original Innocent World Osaka store - are intentionally kept out of the media and aren't well documented even inside Japan. We've now got them extensively covered, and we'll be posting the photos and videos for you soon.

Maki and Asuka will be speaking directly to you on video. So will the lead designer of Putumayo. Speaking on behalf of Atelier-Pierrot will be model and Laforet store manager Ayaka. Maxicimam, Victorian maiden and Innocent World all elected to deliver their message via one of their cute shop assistants (VM also included a written message from their lead designer). Everybody's in full company dress and everybody looks ridiculously cute and/or beautiful. We'll be posting these one by one once we've finished translating, editing and subtitling, along with posting the photos from each shop." -Tokyo Rebel

Some are up on their blog now. Just though it would be useful since we know we get a ton of, is there picture of  this store in Japan... even though they don't allow pictures. They also have videos and personal messages from the designers to the fans XD

Warning they are not under cuts so may take a while to load. I suggest going on their facebook and just loding the vids and pics up by brand since they are separated there. 

link to their blog

link to facebook

For Non Face bookers( is that a word?)

here is
Victorian Maiden (they have one store in the world... i didint know that)
Maximama Nekomimi
Innocent World
That's all that's up so far.
Atelier and AP yet to come
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