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My Lolita Idols, please read!

I find it hard in the Lolita world to find Lolita idols that are either widely known by other people or widely known by me! I have to admit I don't know who the stereotypical Loli idols are like Maki and Asuka and I'm hoping someone can show me? But anyway, this isn't about other peoples' idols, this is about my idols and who has a big influence on me! So here goes with no further adue; my Lolita idols!

Now, I know it is from her album Berry Berry Singles but Nana Kitade is my ultimate Lolita idol. She does not stick to the rules 100% but instead uses the general ideaisms and styles to make herself very unique and beautiful. For example, she tends to change her hair colour a lot and I suppose pink is not really orthodox, but Nana sure rocks it. And the piercings she has in her ears, not just the lobes. When you see them sparkle out of her hair on the Cutie Bunny album I think it gives her a slight edge.

Not only does Nana give me inspiration in the Lolita fashion, she also gives me inspiration in the music industry. I don't actually know if there are any more "Lolita" artists or singers but who can classify something as purely "Lolita"? You can't. The rules and regulations on Lolita are blendd so finely that everyone can have elements of other styles and be unorthodox in their fashion. There may be sweet Lolita with facial piercings or Goth lolis who think piercings on Lolita is abominable, who knows? Nana certainly doesn't follow the rules 100% and that's what I like. I don't think I could ever pick an idol that did because they just wouldn't be genuine.

Anyway, I don't know if Nana Kitade is someone a lot of people will write about as their idols but it doesn't matter. I haven't picked her because a lot or a little amount of people think of her as their idol, I've picked her because she's relevant to me and what I am influenced by and think "Yeah, I'd like to try that."

Now this is my last idol I admire but she is not counted as Lolita, though I'm sure a lot of Lolita ladies listen to her music and admire her style. It's Emilie Autumn.

Now, I've posted two pictures of Emilie Autumn because I don't think one justifies the style she oozes. EA is bipolar, giving hope to all those manic depressives out there that there is nothing you are restricted from; you can do anything you want! It's cheesy, I know. Emilie's style is, well, amazing. She incorporates a little bit of everything into her fashion; Elizabethan times, Victorian times, Steampunk, Lolita, classical music (with a bit of electric help thrown in by way of electric violin) and a dash of blood and glitter to mix things up. I think, rolled into one, everybody could like an element of EA because there's so much versatility to her.

I said that I don't think EA can be classified as Lolita, but then again everyone can see the composites and inspiration she gathers from Lolita. Her song "Gothic Lolita", though that is about paedophilia (and in no way about the Vladimir Nabokov novel) means she must surely know about Loli. The Victorian inspiration, the obsessions with tea parties, teacups and pots, flowers and lace, everything! She plays on everything and even admits when she was in the midst of making it big in the alternative underground "beautiful Lolita girls came to my concerts and dragged their boyfriends with them. After a bit they though "Hmm, this isn't actually a bad thing to be into"."

Emilie Autumn's music is relevant to the Lolita style too, with her Victorian/industrial style of "Victoriandustrial" music, a mixture of Victorian feelings of love, suicide, depression, complete with violin (albeit electric in most cases) and harpsichord. Oh wait, then there's the cabaret style antics that go on on stage, the drum machines and synthesizers, the corsets and the rats!

I don't think there is any point listing any more idols because there are none I value more than Nana Kitade and Emilie Autumn. I picked these two wonderful ladies because women inspire me more than men (what can I say, I'm bias.) and these girls create something different with what they do so there is infinite possibilities with what you can do with fashion and music; all you have to do is be imaginative! They inspire me every day because not a day goes by where I don't listen to their music or see their beautiful pictures, so whether they inspire me with fashion, attitudes or music, they are my Lolita idols.
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