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size question(I know its getting old)

So I finally decided bodyline is what I can afford for my first Lolita and I'm looking through the dresses and what not and though its a two piece I've settled on this little pretty.

I'm looking at the measurements and my friend on here has ordered from bodyline numerous time and said bust wise its find but big everywhere else. I have a 36 inch bust may be a little more but its within the realm of medium size for bodyline. Waist wise natural waist wise I have about a 34 and a half close to 35 inch waist. (Yay for losing weight.)  which is where I ran into the problem seeing as the waist is only 80 cms. my high waist is about 32-33 inches so by those standards would I have to take more off my waist or does the fabric allow for a bit more room? I know these questions are annoying, and if there's anyone that's similar to my measurements help would be appreciated I fell in love with this little two piece and want it so bad.

and this is my second choice so if anyone has pictures of these being worn  that would help out a lot I know you girls are going when is she actually gonna by something by now XD Thank you again for your help  and I found out my shoe size :D 22.9cms. Might as well say 23 XP my shoe choices will be up soon as well.

Edit* ok one link fixed the second one is in the process of being worked around.

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