So long, and thanks for all the fish ♥ (oohsupercilious) wrote in egl,
So long, and thanks for all the fish ♥

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Ottawa Bluefest..? xD;; It's a long shot but...

Out of curiosity, are any of you ladies going to the Ottawa Blues Fest? Or are in the area?  It looks like I am driving up there from North Carolina (16 hour drive FTW) with my boyfriend and maybe some other friends to see Stars.  My boyfriend and I are a bit on the rabid fangirl/boy side when it comes to them, I guess. *lol*

I figured it would be awesome to meetup with some other lolitas while I'm there!  We'll get there around noon on July 16 and be leaving the next day around the evening.  We've never been to Ottawa let alone Canada before so it would also be cool to have someone show us around town or maybe have a few drinks/dinner/lunch/whatever with while we're visiting.  I promise we aren't creepers!  haha
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