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Art Post~

Since one of theme's for June is Bonnets, I thought I would draw a picture featuring a bonnet. Since I have never done so! Take a look!

I noticed that I never post my work on livejournal. So I thought it was a good time to show everyone my new works. I'm a traditional artist, but I do draw on photoshop and manga studio from time to time.

I've never drawn a bonnet before so it was a little new to me, but I think it came out pretty good! :D I have an obsession with teddybears and roses so this spawned.

Probably my least favorite of the three because my scanner screwed it up and my markers were dying. xD

Last one, I love stars and I rarely see star printed dresses so I thought I would make one up. :D

Thanks for looking, constructive criticism is welcome. I know I need to work on proportions a bit, but practice makes perfect. All works belong to me, please do not steal or anything. All done in copic marker.

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