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Who Inspires Me

My Idols <3

1. Mana. I have to say I started to love Mana's music and style waaaaay back when he was still apart of Malice Mizer. Mana is very near I dear to my heart. He is not only my inspiration for lolita, but for anything unique and crazy. His Malice Mizer outfits inspired me the most.

Mad love <3


2. Jasmine you He showed me that inner beauty can be just as beautiful as outer. Also, mad props to him for always having a bigger and more awesome headpeice XD. His 'awe' factor that he had, never ceased to amaze me and continues to inspire an 'awe' factor I would love to portray in lolita.


3. GPK~Gothique Prince Ken He inspires me on the darker side of fashion. I like how he can mold an outfit to make it very androgynous with both intentional female and male elements.


4. Schwarz Stein Kaya Again, my inspiration for dark and gothic. <3


5. Last but certaintly not least, my best friend arktoi. I always love to consult her on any coordinate I put together. She is a huge inspiration to me in the fashion because she always has some neat idea or something unique to add to it.

<3 you dear!


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