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hellolace: Information / Lolita Items Database / Inspiration Gallery

Hello! I'd like to present a project I've been working on since last year: hellolace. Some of you may have been aware of this, as I have been contacting quite a few people for submissions. The initial idea was to make a more updated and less opinionated resource for lolita information, then I decided to make a lolita items database that everyone could benefit from. Lastly, I thought it'd be nice to have a gallery of beautiful inspirational lolitas and other things. While Daily Lolita works as such, Livejournal isn't the most organized place.

Right now it's in beta, meaning it's unfinished but viewable. Many pages are already written, but need some touchups before I post them. I've decided to post this now, as with the appearance of the amazing girls of Lolibrary, I didn't want my months of work put to waste. The girls at Lolibrary are of course welcome to take part of the information and images I post as well.

I've tried to write a more objective view of lolita fashion, which may not be everyone's cup of tea. Styles are referred to by their Japanese names, and the "guides" are just overviews of each style and its contents. The style overviews will include more rare substyles, such as Pirate Lolita, Fairy Lolita, Deco Lolita, etc. The information written also differs between the Western and Asian versions of lolita fashion at certain points.

This part of the site is very incomplete at this point, and a lot is to be added shortly.

I decided to do a gallery-style database, with each item displayed as a thumbnail leading to a new page with the official information of the item. Everything is translated from Japanese, and while I've tried keeping everything as accurate as possible, if you spot any mistakes you are more than welcome to send me a note about it through the contact form. All items have all official stock photos I've been able to gather. In worst-case scenarios, I have gathered images from official blogs or second-hand sites.

All items are databased, listed by brand and type, and sortable into years. You can also use the search box to search for a specific item if you know its name. Right now there's pretty much only AP up, but I have several thousand files of several hundred items to be added still.

The inspiration gallery currently features lovely lolitas I have encountered. If you think you could be an inspiration to other lolitas, feel free to contact me! However, notice your photos must keep a certain quality. I will most likely post a list of guidelines for this on the website later on.

Note: If you are one of the lolitas I've contacted and you don't see yourself in the gallery yet; don't worry, I'll post up the rest of you soon.

I am also working on a second part with inspirational hairstyles suitable for lolita.

I will also have a section for lolita-related graphics for everyone's enjoyment. So far it's just 100x100 icons, but if anyone has suggestions, feel free to share.

Well, that's it for now. Feel free to share your comments, opinions and suggestions (if there is something you'd love to see on the site). Thank you for surviving this wall of text! ;)
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