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Let's try this again...

Since the idea of this month's theme was to "post photos and write a sentence, it's 'who influences your style and why'"... I realized... I've been doing it wrong! I posted more of who I admire as a person not necessarily for their style.. Maybe I should've read that prompt more carefully....
So, let's try this out again, if we're talking about style then...

Mana: no, it's not original at all, but I am always inspired by his outfits... Whether it's from Moi-Meme-Moitie or his stage outfits, they're always amazing. He also looks great in both Lolita and EGA (hell, he should, he invented it...)
and.....ok, ok, I'll admit it, I love his hair... >_<

  You have to admit, he is a pretty gorgeous guy..


<< Moi Dix Mois concert...

For sweet (which isn't too often) my main style icon is Alice. Again, not very original, but I grew up loving Alice in Wonderland. I've adored her since I was a little kid (which was WAY before I knew about lolita) After all, she shared my name and loved to go crazy with her imagination (just like me!)
The original Tenniel illustrations are the ones I really love:

~Well, thanks for looking guys (and putting up with my multiple posts)
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