midwest_loli (midwest_loli) wrote in egl,

Anime Crossroads 2010

Hello everyone!  Theren's a certain Con coming up again this fall, a small Con called Anime Crossroads.  This Con is located in Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States.  This Con is very new, 2009 was its first year.  Last year there very few, if any lolitas at the convention.  There was one girl who was working at the Cute-Plush booth in the Artist's Alley who was decked out in Angelic Pretty.  She was so cute!  I was wondering if this year will any Indiana area Lolis be attending?  I really would like to have a panel at the con that showcases different things about the style.  Would any of you be interested in helping me?  I've never run or helped run a panel before so this upcoming convention, Anime Crossroads 2010 in September, would be my first.  If there is anyone interested let me know!  My name on the ACross forums is also midwest_loli so you can also contact me there!  Also, i would like to contact the organizers about having a Loli photoshoot, but I need to know now if anyone's going to be going in Lolita so i can let them know.  Much Love!! <3
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