burnt_tuna (burnt_tuna) wrote in egl,

Annoying measurements questions clutter up egl! Help me stop it

There are always soooo many "What are the measurements of...." I think we should have a mass post/ page of measurements. I dont think it would really work out right if we do it on LJ unless you sit and list EVERY thing in one post. I was hoping someone had a better idea and would be willing to help me make this happen.
If there is already such a thing, sorry to post this. I looked but couldnt find anything.

P.S. I am not doing this mainly because I am sick of seeing all the measurement questions, I am doing this because it will be easy one everyone, just a simple search there you go. Also a lot of times the same question is asked or not answered at all.

Have a post for every brand, then inside those post have a replay with the dress/skirt name in the subject, and in the comment box the measurements.
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