sugar (sugarcakesales) wrote in egl,

Lolita Idols Post

My grandma- I love the vintage styles and things they wore back then. I know the photos suck sorry, its because I took them on my crappy webcam. Its hard to tell but shes wearing this ruffly swimsuit thingy that would be the perfect loli suit. And in other photos of her and her sisters they look so classy. Long fur coats , dresses, heels, curled hair that looks so perfect. I adore the old styles,

Katy Perry- not strictly lolita but I love to incorporate her style with my look.

RTBU model- I don't know her name! but she is absolutely adorable. She wears lolita but I'm not sure if its just for modeling or in real life as well

Dita Von Teese- she brought burlesque back, and as my great aunt was also a Burlesque performer I think this is really cool, I love her hair and style.

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