smallbutevil (smallbutevil) wrote in egl,

A Co-ordination query

Not that I'm trying to get others to think for me, but I've recently purchased some lovely socks at and am unsure about any possible co-ordinations for them. The only co-ords that I've come up with have been met with a general consensus of 'nice, but no stockings' etcetera and so I'm a bit stuck.

Please note, I'm a crafty loli and so am making most of my lolita wardrobe at the moment, as well as supplementing it with some offbrand pieces (burando is for later when I deserve it, a la Momoko). I have tried to make a go of this on my own and haven't done too well, hence the asking here- but I only need a general idea of what would work well with such a bold print, such as 'maybe a plain pink skirt' or 'how about a skirt with such-and-such accents to balance the bold print'. I'm not asking for a blow-by-blow co-ordination done for me!
Sorry for any rambling and/or incoherence.
Thanks in advance!
P.S My colour scheme is pink and white (and black, though that's probably irrelevant).
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