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My Lolita Idols! Mana, Kaya, Wednesday Addams and Manamu

It's been so long since I last posted! Lets see if I remember how to use this livejournal machine. 
1st: Mana
Of course I would list Mana-sama as my inspiration because not only is he my fashion icon but my inspiration for living. With his success in business, fashion, music and pop-culture. For one person to cover so many different areas and excel at them all while never being seen speaking... come on. Thats amazing. From the way that he moves, does his make-up and how he styles himself has inspired me to continue being myself. 

2nd: Kaya 
I love Kaya's cute elegant style. I try to look at how he styles himself and how he carries himself. I just love his operatic, gothic, diva look. 

3rd: Wednesday Addams
Of course ^.^ My motto is WWWW?  What Would Wednesday Wear? From her signature black ensemble to her morbid love of all things dead. Since I was a child Wednesday has been my icon. She cute, adorable even... but creepy and maybe a borderline psychopath. 

4th: Manamu! She's my real life fashion icon. She has such a transformative and unique style. She looks amazing and I am her #1 fan girl. From men's styles to lolita to aristocrat, she works it out. 

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