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First Post ~ June Theme


Greetings everyone. New to egl but not to Lolita. As my first post here, contributing to this month’s theme, the people who I admire and inspire my personal Lolita style I hope you like them too! :-)


I know that this role model may be a tad bit cliché but I can’t help it! And  Mana-sama, for me, was the first person who expose me to Lolita. After discovering Malice Mizer afew years ago, I fell in love. And after seeing him in Gothic and Lolita Bible, I knew that I wanted to dress in Lolita. He is just so incredible and elegant and I love his music. And Moi Meme Moite is my favorite brand too. I can’t describe it, but the clothing of Moite are just, so, perfect. I can’t think of any other word to describe them. I was very sad when I could not see him last year at Anime Expo but it is my dearest hope that maybe I can meet him one day.

~ Kaya ~

Queen Kaya-san!! How can I explain this one? Simply put, I just admire Kaya so, so much! He inspires me in ways that go way beyond my style. Kaya’s constant theme and message is beauty, personal expression, and the importance of always being true to your heart no matter who you are. I love how Kaya is able to be himself and not care what some people may think; it shows in his music and the way he dresses. The way he mixes genres like Jazz, Trance, and traditional Japanese music and dresses in a combination of both men’s and women’s clothing. Isn’t that, in its self inspiring? And, of course, I love his clothing! His style on stage is simply fabulous and always leaves me in awe. He has done some modeling for Alice and  Baby and he makes such a beautiful Lolita too!  I was so happy when I had the opportunity to meet him and see him perform live last year and it was wonderful to see that the same beautiful person he seems to be onstage is the same person he is off.

~ Jasmine You ~

Another person who I really admire, love and respect is Jasmine You, the late bassist of my favorite band Versailles. Although I adore this band like crazy, Jasmine always was my favorite member. He was just so beautiful and kind and I loved how unique and elaborate his stage outfits were even though they were not exactly Lolita. (and always in different shades of purple and sometimes red. Both are my favorite colours!) Gorgeous, elegant, and always captivating. I was only able to see Jasmine-san twice but sadly never had the honour to meet him face to face, however the genuine kindness, warmth, love, and inner beauty that I sensed from him is also inspiring to me. It was Jasmine (along with Kaya) that gave me the courage to finally start wearing Lolita in public. He truly was, in my opinion, the true meaning of beauty and elegance, all the way until the end. Even though Jasmine-san is gone from this world he will always be an inspiration to me and with that, he will never truly be gone.

~ Belle ~

Okay, I know what you may be thinking: how can I look up to a fictional princess?? lol Well, why not? Belle is my absolute favorite Disney Princess and I will always have a soft part in my heart for her. Belle is my favorite princess because not only is she beautiful but she is smart, courageous, with an independent spirit and heart of gold. I can relate with her so much with her desire for adventure and romance, and feeling like a fish out of water in a seemingly tiny never changing world. Her  drive and inner beauty help her through many hardships in the film and eventually lead her to her happily ever after. I think that kind of beauty and strength can be admired by any girl Lolita or not. And that is why I look up to her.

~ Kanon Wakeshima ~

I adore her. Her mature grace mixed with her girlish innocent appearance, and her music which is a mixture of cuteness and creepiness. I would expect nothing less from a protégée of Mana-sama! Beautiful and gifted, to me, she is the perfect Gothic Lolita; childlike but mature as Mana would say. Something about her, I don't know what exactly, just scares me but at the same time she is as precious as a doll. Kanon is a beautiful singer and her voice is so unique, beautiful but haunting, kind of how I would expect a gothic Victorian porcelain doll to sound like. If that makes any sense. And her style is so beautiful and classy with an elegant gothic twist.  I was also very happy when she came to my home con last year and her concert was amazing. She was also very sweet in person.

~ Audrey Hepburn ~

And last, but certainly not least, Audrey Hepburn! I adore classic film actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. But Audrey is my favorite. I used the picture above because it was this film that made me fall in love with her. She had such grace and poise as an actress and was just such a beautiful woman in her lifetime and even now I admire her. That same grace she possesses is another inspiration to me. Her humanitarian work showed that she also had a big heart and cared for other people’s sufferings.


Wow, this entry is already longer than I wanted it to be but there are my style idols. I hope you enjoyed this and sorry for it being long. >_<

Yours Jasmine





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