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Bodyline Review

I just received my small order from Bodyline today and I thought Id do a quick review of it considering I ordered somethings I notice people have been curious about.
Firstly getting the package was a odd hassle. I have never had an issue with DHL before out of the many times I've used them, but this one time seemed to be riddled with issues. (oh how I wish DHL would deliver to my PO Box)
Firstly they sent it to the wrong US hub so that delayed it a little, and then they whined that they didnt have my buzzer number and emailed me saying they needed my buzz number and to reconfirm my address. I live in a house. So this confused and infuriated me.  After getting in contact with them, they then proceeded to drag their feet and not even try to deliver my package the next day even after I phoned them and was helped by a surprisingly friendly girl who spoke english! Then it was the weekend and FINALLY monday they decided to try to deliver my package again. It could have been worse...
It was all delivered in a big bag, I kind of miss the days of Boxes personally, including SHOE boxes as opposed to tissue paper but alas.

I ordered 4 items, the carousel print skirt in yellow, the pink pompom skirt, a pair of white rocking horse shoes with buckle, and the pocket watch necklace (which was fine and I didnt figure to do a review or take pics for).

The Pink Pom Pom skirt - $25

I was excited about this skirt because it looked so cute in the pics and just simple & sweet.
However I gotta say I was kind of dissapointed.  I mean after a few minutes I fell back in love with it, but initially I was dissapointed.
The color is NOT at all what it looks liked on the website. Its more of a salmon pink rather than a sweet bright pink.

The skirt is SUPER short. I mean I am 5'5" so it fits me fine, but its shorter than all my other skirts. I can only imagine how short it would be on taller girls.
My Marco Malo petti pokes out underneath by like an inch or so.
 normal my petti rolled up a lil
Excuse the mess & terrible quality iPhone pics & no full length mirror atm

Lastly no detachable bow, its not a biggie, but it sucks. However you can just clip it off and attach it to a pin.

It is still a cute design, and its great for summer being short. Plus its easy to wear casually being shorter.
Also I love the pompoms & the lace isnt scratchy.

If you're not super tall, for the price is a cute skirt. I just maybe wish I had gone with my gut and gotten the blue. But I may still go and buy the blue too.

Yellow Carousel Skirt- $25

I really liked this color in the carousel skirt, I know not many did. Its a slightly more golden tone then the online pictures.
And its a little more of a rounded shape.
None really, maybe it could have been a brighter yellow, but otherwise I love it!

Its got a cute print, soft lace detail, the back ties arn't super thick so its easy to tie and detachable bow.

I bought the matching bag, and overall I love the set. I probably wouldn't think twice about buying it again in pink.

White Rocking Horse Shoes with Heart Buckle - $37

I was excited when I saw bodyline now had rocking horse shoes, just because I have always wanted a pair but a) probably wouldn't wear them too much and b) didnt know if I could walk properly in them and didnt want to spend alot of money trying to figure it out.

They smelt REALLY toxic.
The foam was a little sloppily finished on the back edge.
And there was a black stain on the one shoe. I havn't tried to wash it out yet, cause its not big deal since ill probably get them dirty too, it just sucks because they are suppose to be new.

They fit really comfy. Usually I find bodyline fits too small or too big, but I ordered the 23.5 and it fit perfectly, not too snug but not huge either.
The color is more of an offwhite than a pure white which I prefer.
They are very light and easy to walk in. (well I'll admit I twisted my ankle a few times trying them on)

Anyways I hope this helps somebody out, if not then sorry XD
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