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Style Idol- Yuko Adachi

I'm not sure if this fits in with the theme or not, since she's not a lolita or related to lolita in any way, but rather an artist who inspires me.

Her art definitely isn't typical, and I think that's why I love it so much. I love how trippy and dreamy and inherently Japanese it is. Her attention to detail and color really astounds me. To some, it might look like a bunch of random dots and lines and stuff, but to me it is beautiful.

This is a one of my favorite pieces of hers that I actually had the pleasure of viewing in person (none of these pictures do the pieces justice, they are so brilliant in person) at her gallery in Rockport, MA, which is extremely different from all of the other galleries in Rockport. I actually met her and she was so sweet and very personable. We actually had a 20 minute long conversation about her art. She told me how she likes to start with a completely blank canvas and just go from there and see where it takes her. Some pieces of hers have taken 6 months to complete and have a ridiculous amount of layers to them. She also signs nearly all of her pieces Momeko, which is her nickname and named her gallery "Planet Momeko."

I'm not the only one who sees just how awesome she is, recently the city of Boston commissioned her to paint on electrical boxes around the city.

I really wanted to buy one of her prints at her gallery, but by the time I had come upon it I had already spent so much money. So, I bought one of her many awesome t-shirts instead, which I definitely think has some casual lolita potential.

Sorry for the crappy cellphone pic. I was starting to save to make a brand purchase sometime soon, but I think I'm going to save to buy one of her paintings instead. I need one on my wall, haha.

Her website.
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