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Thoughts? Feedback? Read, look, and tell me what you think!

I decided to finally go ahead and post to EGL after a lot of thought. Everyone talks in Loli Secrets about all the hate, and I spend all the money from my full-time job paying for bills and for going to school full-time. I have a few brand items, and I have some pieces I LOVE, but I work with what I have. In order to make my outfits work, I ocassionally have to break a few of "the rules". Even so, I have so much fun when I get to dress up, and I'd like to see what everyone else thinks! So...here are 10 photos from oldest to newest and a little about each one:

1. This photo is REALLY old...I've since grown out my hair, and it looks much better. This is when I was really starting to get more interested in the fashion:
My mini-hat was falling a bit sideways after the swinging, but I still loved the photo.

2. At the Chrysler Museum:

3. My first brand blouse and RHS:

4. My attempt at Ero-Lolita...mostly because it was REALLY hot outside. >< :

5. AP Marine Heart Skirt and doll hand-made by a friend:

6. My Prince and I:

7. "Spontaneous Lolita" with hand-made, lace parasol...gift from a friend:

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