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Thank you!

Hi everyone...please let me know or delete this if it isn`t allowed, but I thought I should post here since it`s something pretty general(?)

Well ...here`s the deal. I had two dresses in my wardrobe. One was too flimsy and short, and one had a low V-cut which I hated, but there was ruffles on the bottom which I liked.

So, what do I decide to do? Sew them together and combine them! Here is the end result: (I`m putting them in links so it won`t kill your loading time @_@ )! 

Dress with hat

Shape of dress (Please excuse the mess)

What I need advice on is basically....what can I do to the current design I have now to make it better and more lolita? Should I cut a part through the flower dress and make it MM style? I`m not sure. I`d like your opinions. Please and thank you very much! 

I`d also like to know what you think about the hat I`m wearing. I`m not sure if it works with the outfit either. If you could help me out, I`d really appreciate it! Thank you all so much!

EDIT: Please also let me know if I could , or if you`d like to see me make a second post on egl showing the finished dress ^ ^!

Thank you so much everyone for the help! Since some of you were curious, here is the finished product post over on sew_loli
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