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Rolemodel post : who I think !

My Theme Post:  Rolemodels for The Lolita Fashion
 This theme is an interesting subject so I put my 2 sence in it hoping that everyone in Egl can enjoy, Please let me know if I did ok I can delete otherwise :)

~~Misako aoki~~ 

Misako was one of the first japanese girls I fell in love with . Her style was unique when I saw her in the gothic lolita bible that was the day I wanted to dress in lolita. Misako made it so natrual and eye appealing to wear lolita and I wanted to be like her. She is like all of us she loves to dress in Loli and when she is not in it she is doing her own thing like us. I hear she has a job as a nurse , correct me if I am wrong, so it makes it even more appealing.

~~Hello Kitty ~~
She has been the cutest kitty. After Tarina Tarentino got to her she has made her gothic and sweet lolita, I had to mention her because she is just to cute to forget as a fashion statement. Besides she is in our Lolita wardrobe and accessories . 

                   ~~Angelina Ballerina~~

 Angelina is the sweetest mouse you can see in ballet slippers, I love her because she wears pink like a lolita and dances away. She makes an awsome role model because she brings out the features of lolitas we all love to dance. Reminded me of one lolita who takes photos of herself wearing those lovely ballet slippers. I don't remember her name but please let me know :) 

~~Darla Dimples from" cats don't dance"~~

This is such a cute character she is absolutely wonderful  and if you have seen the movie she is evil.
Its just a reminder of our steamy side that we have of Lolita, you know the sweet perception everyone has of Loli. So when you see Darla you have the spicy side of Lolita. I also love her pink dress so adorable! 

~~ ALICE~~

Ok she is a bit cleche but I love alice as a model in regular and lolita fashion. I think she is adorable and her free spirit on subjects is refreshing. A few years ago before I knew about Lolita I used to buy alice costumes just so I can wear it as a normal dress. Can't help it just love her style, go figure !

~~The Artists~~

I lastly thought about them because Egl needs their great talents , The artists of Egl are so wonderful
they enspire me to make new drawings and dress in new outfits. Please let me know who you are since I have seen this cute picture here somewhere in time  . I have seen the right picture in lolita secrets I just hope the people who made them lets me know so I can credit you.

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