Kyat (etched) wrote in egl,

My Idols

Since I don't really wear lolita... my inspirations are completely different. I am an avid lolita fan, a lover of drawing the art, and these people continue to be my muses.

Better known as xmordecaix. Jen has been my inspiration for such a long long time. I stumbled across her art AGES ago (Maybe six or seven years ago?..), and she was my first real exposure to gothic lolita through her pixel art. Because of her I got exposed to the fashion and I grew to love/obsess over it. If I had never seen her art... I wouldn't be where I am. I definitely wouldn't. She continues to create amazing after amazing piece and remains a constant and lovely inspiration in my life.

Lady Gaga has been a fountain of inspiration for me over the last couple years. When she first surfaced I really didn't "Get" her or find her interesting... but I couldn't stop singing along to her songs. After seeing her 2009 MTV Music Video Award performance : watch it here, no really, do it! I became obsessed with her! This performance was unlike what I have ever seen in the pop world in my generation. Following her career since and seeing how driven she is for her work gave me the same ethic. I put my heart and soul into everything I do, even if it's conventionally ~weird~ (come on now, lolita isnt normal...).

She's given me the courage to be myself and love myself, no matter how strange.

Much like all other lolita artists, Imai Kira poses as the staple of lolita artwork and artists. Her art is amazing, intricate and mouth wateringly beautiful. Her amazing detail and yet simplistic seeming artwork is just eye candy that sparks inspiration. Seeing her career now just makes me want to work harder so I can achieve the same status, and maybe be an inspiration to others some day.

Also known as cupcakecalamity. This girl is just a fountain of bubbling beauty and ideas I cant even put it into words. I met Hannah on Gaiaonline (oh come on, we've all been there.) such a long time ago! And ever since then we've been lovely online friends! Whenever I'm in a jam for inspiration, Hannah comes bouncing along just bursting at the seams with mountains of ideas. She's always been encouraging and always been supporting me. Even if we are so far away and through the net, I feel so close to Hannah. She is a lovely girl! And probably has the best tattoo on earth. <3

My family has been a huge source of support. My mother wasn't all too sure about my Lolita artwork or the fashion, but she soon grew to love it too. She asks often about my new drawings and designs, and a part of me continues to create, just to see her reaction to my work.

My sisters have also always been supportive. Providing me with expensive tools to continue my art, as well as the constant motivation to make good use of them! Without my sisters, I wouldn't have the means to do what I do.

And my friends, my lovely lovely friends. Online and Offline. They may not always understand the style of Lolita, but them accepting, encouraging and celebrating me is the best thing anyone can ever ask for :)

A bit tl;dr, but thanks for reading! :D

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