Miss Amani (amanikitty) wrote in egl,
Miss Amani

Tomorrow is picnic in Central Park-- despite predictions of it raining (again), the weather is turning out much better :3

So my cooking lolis~ get to it! lololo

Here is the updated information about the meeting place tomorrow:

Where: Right outside the 110th street station on the 2/3 line, in Harlem. There are two exits-- I'm talking about the one at the VERY END OF THE PLATFORM (for those coming Downtown, the first car of the train. Those coming from the Uptown side, the very last car). Outside is a bit of a sitting area :3 We'll gather and wait here.
What time: Approximately 11:30AM-Noon
What should I wear? COMFORT IS KEY. We will be doing a lot of walking, and it will be in the 80's and mostly sunny-- unless you like to torture yourself, I suggest low heels or sandals, etc. The (not-mandatory) theme is just a very laid back style. A soft mori-kei, country-theme, etc.
What should I bring? If you told me you are bringing food, I'd say a safe estimate of how much you should make is about 10-15 servings. Bring whatever necessary utensils. Bring a boyfrand to haul your stuff xD [If you want to bring something, but you haven't told me yet, please let me know!!!]
Also, bring an umbrella/parasol, because it will be sunny and hot out, and in case we hang out till late, it might rain later on.
Also-- pads, blankets, etc so we can sit-- for thinner sheets I suggest going and buying a table cover from the dollar store, so the dirt won't be much of a problem :3 Just in case.

If you need my cell number for directions, or in case anything else happens, you can shoot me a PM :3 If you weren't gonna come last week but now you can make it/vice versa, let me know as well, so I know how many people are coming.

I'm excited to see everyone!
Hope to see you there~ ♪
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