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June Theme: Lolita Idols

I decided to join in the on the theme, and show everyone who I admire and inspires my Lolita coordination, and my other sense of fashion.

First is Kanon Wakeshima, She is someone I admire so much. Her outfits are always cute, but at the same time have a Gothic and classic edge to them. I had the privilege of meeting her last year, and she is a very sweet and gentle person. Other than the fact I love her haunting, and beautiful music her outfit colors are my favorite colors, (other than pink) which are red and white and she always coordinates them beautifully.

Next is Katy Perry. It might seem a little silly but I love her retro, 50's look and her bubbly personality that never loses to anything. When Im not in Lolita, I like to dress in a style similar to what she wears (not completely though) but with my own unique twist. I love her unique fashion sense, because she can go from silly and crazy (She dressed as an egg, a carousel, a football player, and covered herself in fake sushi before) to very feminine and mature. Which is what I love about her.

Last is Arika Takarano. I got into Lolita a little over 2 years ago, when I picked up a Gothic Lolita Bible and decided to look through it. I had always thought it was a cute, unique fashion and I wanted to see more of it. I read her article inside titled "Oh, Maiden advance with a sword and a rose." or something along those lines. (correct me if im wrong) and after reading the entire 2 page article I was touched. I decided I wanted to really get into the fashion. I had to. She was such an inspiration to me, because she put all of the thoughts of lolita into the right words, and changed the way I viewed beauty and myself. She is probably my biggest Idol because of the fact that she is the one who really pulled me into the Lolita world. Her style is beautiful, always elegant and ever changing but I admire her deeply.

So yeah, I think that's about it! :D Thanks for reading, even though it was a bit long.
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